Hey beautiful friends! Let’s have some real talk.

There are SO many makeup products and brands on the market that are launching daily. Which is GREAT to have options. BUT, sometimes all of those options can make a girl feel so overwhelmed, that when she’s looking for something she really needs/wants, she never even buys a single thing because of the confusion!!

Especially when it comes to more expensive/prestige products. We want to be very careful what we drop more than $20 +on ONE makeup product, am I right??

A $4 E.L.F. lipgloss from Target? Not such a big loss if it doesn’t work out. But a $20+ product that turns out to be all wrong, is a bit harder pill to swallow (or to have to take the time to return it!).  I’m usually the latter – if it’s a pain to return or I have to physically walk back in a store, I usually just eat the cost and give it to a friend I think would benefit more from it 

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