It has been a MINUTE since I’ve written a blog post.

I’ve truly missed the ability to be able to JUST SIT down and type out a post. But life has been insanely busy and blogging obviously was the part of my life that had to take a backseat!

Between beginning to wrap up the school year for my 3 kids, juggling their after-school sports + activities, and maintaining my freelance makeup business that has come back twofold this spring since last years pandemic shut down…I’ve had very little free time!

But honestly, I’m not complaining as I know what a blessing it is to have kids back in-person learning right now AND that my makeup business inquiries have been coming in hot! Which is slightly overwhelming when you are a one-person show trying to respond, book, and schedule clients all by yourself!!

That being said though, I’m truly grateful for it all.

A common theme that has been a big focus in the past year, is women really paying close attention to their skincare routines while they were stuck at home.

I definitely fell into a pattern (and it is continuing into 2021!) of going all out and testing new products and ingredients just to see what could make a noticeable difference in my 43 year old skin. I mean, I was at home not seeing anyone, so if a skincare or makeup look went awry, who would really care or notice??? My credit card definitely took notice of the experimental skincare spending however 

We all know that our makeup will only look as good as our SKIN does. So a consistent skincare routine is a MUST in my book. I take my over 40 skincare routine verrrry seriously (especially as each birthday passes by).

And now with spring here and summer fast approaching, I find that we women prefer to lighten up our actual face makeup regimens (like concealers, powder, and heavy foundations) and let our skin take center stage.

With that thought in mind, I have found a few MEGA EFFECTIVE skincare products that are helping me live my best skin life right now. So naturally I feel the need to share when I come across products that deserve recognition.

Though these are certainly not the only products I’ve been using lately, these 3 I did a YouTube video on have really been true standouts in my routine over the past few months.  Take a look at the video below then keep scrolling to check out each product separately to see if they’d be a good fit for you.

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